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Client Success Stories

We are so proud of our clients! Here are some of their success stories!

We are often asked, “What type of businesses do people start?”  Since 1994 we have seen many ideas grow into family incomes. A few have grown to employ as many as 20 staff members.  A study in the late 1990’s showed that for every person going through the program an average of 1 other person gained a job.  We have found this statistic to remain true over the years. Let ‘s look at some of the jobs that people create for themselves.

The majority of the construction and trades businesses were involved in Renovations.
Other trades include: electricians, plumbers, roofers, contractors, painters, industrial sewing, seamstresses, mechanics, welders, small engine repairs

Health and Wellness:
Nursing, home care services, foot care specialists, martial arts and fitness centres, CPR and first aid trainers, nutritionists, natural healing services such as Reiki, Acupressure and Hypnotics, Life Coaching, Dental Hygienists,  & 1 Thermography Clinic, which became 2 clinics in different cities

Web design, graphic design, social media,  videography

Arts & Entertainment:
DJ services, gift baskets, book writing, costume design, music studios, tattooing and piercing services, bowling alley, bakeries

Pet Services:
Pet sitting services, pet walking services and pet grooming services, pet boarding services and obedience schools, reptile emporiums, reptile sales and shows, reptile housing and aquarium construction

Counselling Services:
Private And Group Counselling Services, Life Coaching, Youth Counselling Services, Tutoring, Special Needs Activities And Coaching Sessions, Financial Divorce Solutions Specialist

Family restaurants, take-out restaurants, catering, cafés, bistros, pubs, specialty food items such as a hot sauce and perogies,

Retail Outlets:
Children’s toys,  Children’s clothing,  handmade candles, honey products,  thrift shops, ice cream shops, rust proofing services, mechanical services
*to name a few!

Administrations Services:
Bookkeeping, virtual office assistants, ISO9000 services & consulting, computer services, translation services

Landscaping, Property Maintenance, Property Management
Landscaping and design, commercial power washers, commercial cleaners, inspectors, arborists and tree cutting services, property maintenance

Cleaning services:
Residential cleaning, commercial cleaning services, specialty cleaning services such as sports equipment sanitation, power washing services

Family photography, wedding and special events photography, photography studios, aerial photography, and videography

Some interesting businesses:
Drones Manufacture and drone services, Solar energy panels and installations,
Medical Software, Greeting cards, Italian Gelato, Bowling alley, Environmental Consulting


Want to Share?

OOWI Clients

If you are a previous client of ours and would like to share your success story, please contact us!

OOWI Client Comments...

“Crossing the threshold of Ontario Office Works Inc. for me was a big step which turned into one of the most important steps of my life. 
Today I still consult "my blue Bible" on a regular basis (that is a binder filled with handouts) just one of the outstanding perks.
Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program was a godsend and a kick in the confidence butt. I remember Donna saying "You won't be unemployed you will be self-employed".
How good is that? It stuck with me.
My business concentrates on creating a tool for businesses to give to its' treasured clients "old fashioned, hand held Thank You cards".
Being in the Thank You business I would have to give a Big Thank You to those mentioned above!”

   Faye - Write for You


Since taking the biz class I have started not one, but three companies. I look at every encounter as chance to grow. Yes it takes time and there are many roadblocks but with a little outside the box thinking great things are never far away.

My log home company (The Canadian Log Home Company Inc. ) is building a cute northern cottage for a muskoka lake, my tree service(Truly Canadian Tree Service) has just purchased a new 50 foot bucket truck and is quickly filling it's order books for the summer of 2011, and my new venture is a online sporting and outdoor store (globalonlineoutfitters.com) providing outdoor adventure supplies such as camping, hunting and fishing gear.

The staff at Ontario Office Works Inc. are biz owners themselves so they connect well with the students. Very helpful and patient. If not for them I'd still be an employee not an employer.
It's not the destination, it's the journey.

   Joe Roberts c/o

   The Canadian Log Home Company Inc.



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