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What are we doing now?

The Self Employment Development Program for people on social assistance. Contact your case worker for more information.

Ontario Office Works Inc. does provide self employment suupport to individuals for a fee.

Both Donna Joudrey and Paul Norton are readily avalible for consulting.

Call us or email us for more details.

Donna does books! Check out her website at www.multibooksniagara.com
Or email her at donna@multibooksniagara.com
You can follow her on facebook at:



We can provide help to get your business on the right track. Help is avalible in areas such as marketing, bookkeeping, sales, social media and more.


We can also help you put together a business plan.


OOWI Client Comments...

“I was looking to start my own business but was unsure how to begin.  I met with Paul and Donna from Ontario Office Works Inc. to learn what I needed to do. While in their program I learned a lot about what I was about to get myself into. They helped me plan the future of my business and have been there when I needed advice even after I had completed the program.

Ontario Office Works Inc. has a helpful staff and a great amount of resources that truly helped me succeed. I have now been in business for a couple of years and things are going good. Thank-you Ontario Office Works Inc.“

Jeremy R. Tisi - Online Niagara
Webmaster / Programmer

I highly recommend the OSEB program. They supply you with the knowledge, education and training needed to create your business idea from a dream into a reality. Their extensive knowledge and support is instrumental in the building of a business. They provide the tools required to operate and maintain a more efficient and financially intelligent business plan. With their initial support as well as their continuing consultation they were and are instrumental in the success of my business.

Rodney - Will Move You

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