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Client Information / FAQs

Welcome to our client information section! Here we will post client downloads for you to have free of charge!

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Client FAQs

Q. What is a Business Plan?
A. There are many Business Plan Templates for “free” found on the Internet. Generally speaking a Business Plan covers the following topics plus more as the need presents itself:

  • Description of product or service
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Location – from where will you work and what territory will you service
  • Management and Human Resources – this includes the skills that you now possess to perform business activities and who you will hire or sub-contract to assist you
  • Pricing
  • Financial Projections – see our free templates

Q. What does the government expect from me?
A. Various levels of government in Canada expect various information and reports from both new businesses and existing businesses! As an example of what we teach: Business Name Registration in the Province of Ontario must be submitted every 5 years.  If you use your own name you do not need to register; however, any variation on your name and you are required to register. i.e. Paul Jone’s Lawn Care must register.  Registration of your business within Ontario simply means that the government has your information on file.  It does in no way protect you from someone else registering the exact same name. If you want your name protected then you must use other means. 
If you use a name that is not registered and is not your own legal name, you may be fined.






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